About Us

Image of Ben Facey, Founder

Ben Facey, Founder

Creative, passionate, innovative and fearless, are just some of the words used to describe Ben’s approach to business. As a leader in the entertainment business, Ben thrives on being a cultural matchmaker connecting artists to audiences, bringing communities together and shaping popular culture. With 20+ years proven experience in marketing, media, publicity, promotions, events, television and brand management, building and nurturing strong relationships globally.

Ben has assembled a network of the best talent in the business to ensure Greatness Gathers delivers top tier campaigns around the globe, and is able to provide creative solutions across a wide array of services.

Our Services:

Experiential Marketing & Events

Brand Strategy & Partnerships

Creative & Strategic Media Plans

Global Marketing & Servicing Strategy

Ben is a fiercely creative and thoughtful individual whose passion for life and big ideas makes you feel bigger and emboldens you to go ‘beyond’. If you’re looking to catalyze new thinking, look no further than Ben!

Holly Ransom – CEO Emergent / Speaker, Facilitator & Content Creator

Ben has worked with and guided some of the greatest artists in the world, but he is the truest rockstar I know. Smart, savvy, sensitive and extremely successful! Ben lives and breathes high performance so If you want to share your creative talents with the world and perform at your best, Ben can teach you!

Layne Beachley AO – 7 x World Champion Surfing (amongst other things)

Every conversation I have with Ben is insightful and thought provoking. A common occurrence in great leaders is self-awareness and Ben knows what his experiences have taught him and embraces his strengths and weaknesses. Ben has an amazing wealth of business knowledge, he’s energetic, fun and a truly caring person who can be counted on for help and support.

Paul Roos – Head Coach Sydney Swans, Melbourne Football Club, Broadcaster, Founder & Director Performance By Design

Ben is a rare Gem. He has the most incredibly creative mind and a unique ability to master storytelling with big sky thinking and high engagement. Ben helps you strive for your best with his infectious attitude and thirst to create greatness. Separate to his superb ideation skills, Ben uses his business acumen to help you partner ideas with a commercial approach, so the big ideas not only create completely unthought of territory for your brand or business, but also deliver a revenue stream. Ben is full of enthusiasm and optimism, which are the most critical characteristics of a high performing leader.

Gemma O’Neill – CEO Gemmie Agency

Ben fills a room with energy, he makes everybody feel like a somebody. Tapping into his experience & journey in the entertainment industry he is able to shape meaningful conversations around creativity and high performance.

John Taylor – Duran Duran